Midway explores the fusion of disparate relationships that occur in the chaotic environment of a carnival. Perhaps the most obvious of these is between the average carnival visitor, who experiences the sights, sounds, and smells of the fair as an outsider, and the carnival workers (or carnies), who operate on the inside of that world.



As a freelance photojournalist and as a fine art photographer I encounter interesting people - most of the time I simply observe them but occasionally I am able to capture them in their element. I find the best photos come when a subject has forgotten I am there, perhaps distracted by something or someone else. It is at that moment that I take the photo and move on, leaving no trace that I was there. What I am left with is a real moment, with no real significance, that will live on forever.



The formal elements of art are the foundation upon which all artwork is created. It is the first thing you learn about in art school - how to identify light, composition, color and balance (to name a few). I have found that some of my photos defy category and are simply great examples of these formal elements. Rather than try to force them into categories, I thought I'd simply let them be what they are - the foundations of art.



Place is crucial to an artist and yet so far I have been unable to coherently create a body of work that says what I feel. So, instead, I am keeping it informal. I moved to South Dakota 5 years ago and I am constantly grappling with the differences between the rural midwest and the urban south where I am from. This portfolio encapsulates the unique and ever-changing South Dakota landscapes.