Katie Adkins is a fine art photographer living in Little Rock, Arkansas. Originally a native of Atlanta, GA, she graduated from the Savannah College of Art & Design and soon after moved to western South Dakota. After spending 8+ years in the midwest, she has now settled back in the south, closer to home. Katie has worked in the art industry for many years, as artist and curator. Her approach involves the use of natural light, documentary/artistic and often candid viewpoints and minimal post production.

Katie has worked with a variety of clients and on a variety of projects including portraiture, event photography, and product photography. Additionally, she has worked with newspapers, magazines and well-known Magnum photographers Martin Parr and the Alex Webb.

She lives and works in Little Rock, AR with her husband, daughter and two dogs.



I am a fine art photographer with a documentary approach. I seek to capture what already exists without manipulation of the light or subject. For me, the real and unaltered (and sometimes flawed) subject is what I feel truly tells a story.

This approach lends itself to my interest in layers, both visual and metaphorical. My first series, Reflections, took a more literal approach - I crafted layers within layers in camera by using the reflections on the street. These layers are metaphorical representations of the layers within me. In my series MIDWAY, I look at the many layers within the context of the fair - children as commodity, carnies, hulking machinery. In my most recent project, I am looking at the classical use of windows and the separate visual planes created by layering the interior and exterior of a room.